Terms and Conditions

COVIDSafe Guidelines

Quantum Victoria complies with the Victorian CHO requirements in all aspects of the Centre’s operations.

Students and teachers attending the Centre must not have any COVID-19 symptoms.

All visiting teachers and other adults must scan the QR code upon entry into Quantum Victoria using the Service Victoria app.

Visit Operating guidelines for schools for regularly updated information.


All Victorian students are subsidised to engage in Quantum Victoria programs. 

Rural Government and Metropolitan Disadvantaged Government School students are fully subsidised for onsite programs, resulting in no cost to these students. Rural Government School students also receive transport assistance to and from Quantum Victoria.

Advantaged Government and Non-Government school students are partially subsidised, resulting in a modest cost of $10 + GST per primary student and $20 + GST per secondary student.


A Tax Invoice will be issued 14 days prior to the first booking date, payment must be made prior to your visit. The minimum number of students for onsite programs is 15. If the minimum number is not met then a Tax Invoice will be issued for 15 students. Please contact us at admin@quantumvictoria.vic.edu.au if you have concerns regarding payment.


All cancellations or alterations to student booking numbers must be made in writing 14 days prior to the booking date. You will be required to pay the cost of the program in FULL, unless we receive notice of cancellation or alteration to numbers within the agreed time frame. Please contact us at admin@quantumvictoria.vic.edu.au if you have concerns regarding cancellations.


Travel assistance to Quantum Victoria is provided to all Rural governments school as per the DET Funding Model.

Schools must provide a formal quote at least 14 days prior to visiting Quantum Victoria for approval by the Director. Payment will be made directly to the bus company.

Please note Quantum Victoria will not be responsible to pay invoices where a quote has not been sighted and approved by the Director prior to the booking. Quantum Victoria will not be accountable for any cancellation fees that may occur due to the cancellation of bookings on the school’s behalf.

The approved quote is for the original number of students booked. A new quote must be provided should the numbers change.

Student supervision

Visiting teachers are required to supervise students at all times and participate in all aspects of the program delivered at Quantum Victoria.

Authorisation and Privacy Consent 

Images captured during our programs may be stored and used for Quantum Victoria publications, social media and advertising purposes. Schools are required to indicate to Quantum Victoria staff if any visiting students/staff do not have a signed permission form.

Student: Recording - Authorisation and Privacy Consent Form

Adult: Recording - Authorisation and Privacy Consent Form

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