• Soula Bennett
    Director - Campus Principal

    Soula is the founding Director of Quantum Victoria and brings 30 years of leadership and teaching experience in the Physical Sciences and Mathematics, including 12 years as the President of the Science Teachers' Association of Victoria (STAV). Soula is a system leader and thinker and her experience and attributes have been utilised on Advisory Boards of Australian Research Council Centers including, The ARC Centre of Excellence in Free Radical Chemistry and Biotechnology and the Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO). Soula is a member of the Victorian Tech Schools Advisory Panel and contributes to STEM education policy both at a state, national and international level.

    Soula Bennett
  • Carlie Alexander
    Teaching & Learning

    Carlie is a P-12 Specialist teacher who previously taught first year biology at the University of Melbourne. She completed her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (Marine Biology) at the University of Melbourne and her research involved determining the spread of introduced and invasive marine invertebrates and algae in a Marine National Park. Other study areas included Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Botany and Mathematics.

    Carlie Alexander
  • David Feillafe
    IT Systems Engineer

    David is a Network Engineer, IT Administrator, and Software Developer with a range of experiences in IT, management and teaching across the school and university sectors. He brings over 15 years' of varied IT experience and oversees the ICT/AV infrastructure needs at the Centre.

    David Feillafe
  • Yuvadee Patchon
    Lab Manager & Program Facilitator

    Yuvadee has 30 years experience as a Laboratory Technician across both the University and School sectors and managers the Lab at Quantum Victoria. Yuvadee's role also includes supporting the delivery of student programs at Quantum Victoria. She has served as the Lab Tech representatives on the Council of the Science Teachers' Association of Victoria (STAV) for a period of 6 years.

    Yuvadee Patchon
  • Latha Shivasubramanian
    Education Officer - Data Analytics Manager

    Latha brings expertise in Engineering, Computer Science and Project Management to her role as Education Officer at Quantum Victoria. She has completed further study gaining her Master's degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics and her research project involved predicting the evolution of a binary star system using computer simulations. Latha has also completed her Master's in Education and is passionate about sharing her interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with students and teachers attending the Centre.

    Latha Shivasubramanian
  • Mahaelia Thavarajah
    Teaching and Learning

    Mahaelia is a Primary specialist who is passionate about STEM education, predominantly, the disciplines of engineering and science. She has an interest in game-based learning and is keen to implement strategies that foster deeper learning in STEM for all students with a particular focus on primary students. Mahaelia is also co-editor to the STAV Primary Journal - Let's Find Out (LFO).

    Mahaelia Thavarajah
  • Anthony Simcox
    Teaching and Learning

    Anthony brings over 30 years of industry experience in engineering, defence, communications and security to his teaching and learning role at Quantum Victoria. He specialises in secondary science and technology. He is passionate about bringing his industry knowledge and experience into the classroom to help students understand how their learning and skills relate to industry applications and workplaces.

    Anthony Simcox
  • Scott Mclean
    Learning Specialist

    Scott is the Learning Specialist at Quantum Victoria. His teaching of Year 7-12 Mathematics and Science classes has been enhanced by his background as a research scientist where he obtained a PhD in Chemistry and subsequent work as a post-doctoral researcher. He has a focus on developing students' numeracy abilities and promoting scientific literacy. Scott has recently been selected as Microsoft Innovative Education Expert.

    Scott Mclean
  • Campbell Wiggins
    Teaching and Learning

    Campbell brings a background in Exercise and Sports Science to his teaching and learning role at Quantum Victoria. He has spent the last 5 years of his career in the Fitness Industry, helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through evidence based research. With passions in science, mathematics and technology, he looks to encourage students towards a future in STEM.

    Campbell Wiggins
  • Chelsea Teichelman
    Administration Officer

    Chelsea brings industry and school experience to her role as Administration Officer at Quantum Victoria. Her roles have included Retail Management which comprised of administrative duties and the management of budgets and CASES21 from her school administration duties. Chelsea's experience and excellent communication and interpersonal skills, gives her a great understanding of all office procedures and experience in communicating with all stakeholders.

    Chelsea Teichelman
  • Jakin Stasce
    Teaching and Learning

    Jakin brings a wide range of experience working in communications, the fitness industry, and defense to his role in teaching and learning at Quantum Victoria. His passion for STEM and education began in university where he discovered his love for sharing knowledge in genetics and chemistry. This led Jakin to undertake voluntary work overseas to develop further medical training for developing nations. Jakin looks forward to building student confidence and agency in STEM through inquiry-based problem solving as students engage in the Quantum Victoria programs.

    Jakin Stasce