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The Quantum Victoria staff are highly specialised and skilled practitioners of Science, Mathematics and STEM Education.
The Quantum Victoria Team, November 2021
Linda Arthurson
Director - Campus Principal

Linda has a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics and a Dip Ed from Monash University. She has 34 years’ experience teaching secondary school Chemistry, Maths, Science and Psychology including 20 years in school leadership.  Linda was a DET Teaching and Learning coach (Numeracy and Science) and part of the project team involved in the development of Quantum Victoria.  She is passionate about engaging students in Science and Mathematics and fostering their curiosity to understand the Science and Mathematics of the world around them.

Mahaelia Thavarajah: Nitrogen
Mahaelia Thavarajah
Leading Teacher

Mahaelia is a leading teacher and primary specialist deeply passionate about STEM education, focusing on science, engineering, and cybersecurity. She enjoys designing engaging learning experiences to inspire curiosity and creativity among her students. Mahaelia has served as editor for the STAV Primary Journal - Let's Find Out and the Expanding Horizons Student Events Manager, committed to providing enriching experiences and access to industry experts for both primary and secondary students, fostering their interest and understanding in diverse fields.

David Feillafe: Chlorine
David Feillafe
IT Systems Engineer

David is a Network Engineer, IT Administrator, and Software Developer with a range of experiences in IT, management and teaching across the school and university sectors. He brings over 20 years of varied IT experience and manages the ICT/AV infrastructure at the Centre.

Yuvadee Patchon: Beryllium
Yuvadee Patchon
Lab Manager and Program Facilitator

Yuvadee has over 30 years’ experience as a Laboratory Technician across both the University and School sectors and manages the Lab at Quantum Victoria. Yuvadee supports the delivery of student and teacher programs at Quantum Victoria and has served as the Lab Tech representatives on the Council of the Science Teachers' Association of Victoria (STAV) for a period of 6 years.

Sarah Gerardson
Administration and Data Manager

Sarah has a background as a cyber security professional, specializing in ethical hacking and secure API development. In addition to her technical abilities, she has a strong passion for mathematics and loves to solve problems great and small. Sarah's interests extend beyond the tech industry, as she also has a fascination with meteorology and geology.

Annaliese Winterson
Teaching and Learning

Annaliese is excited about sharing her passion for STEM education and utilises her expertise as a science communicator and extensive experience in teaching science and mathematics in secondary schools.

Anthony Simcox: Mendelevium
Anthony Simcox
Teaching and Learning

Anthony is passionate about bringing his industry knowledge and experience in Engineering and ICT into the classroom to help students understand how their learning and skills relate to industry applications and workplaces.

Jakin Stasce: Sodium
Jakin Stasce
Teaching and Learning

Jakin brings a wide range of experience working in Communications, the Fitness industry, and Defense to his role in teaching and learning at Quantum Victoria. He is passionate about building student confidence and agency in STEM through inquiry-based problem solving as students engage in the Quantum Victoria programs.

Julia Cherubin
Teaching and Learning

Julia is a passionate teacher involved in the planning and delivery of the STEM programs at Quantum. She focuses on fostering student agency to explore the transformative potential in STEM education. She enjoys embedding creative problem solving approaches and collaborative projects within the teaching and learning. With an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, Julia utilises her skills to develop curriculum resources and branding for Quantum events.

Toni Little: Helium
Toni Little
Teaching and Learning - Portal Development

Toni brings over 35 years of experience in teaching and learning in secondary science, mathematics and physics in her role as a developer of Senior Physics and Mathematics Portal programs. Toni has developed the Unit 1-4 Physics and Unit 3-4 General Mathematics Online Modules and Revision Courses.

Anita Likousis
Education Officer - Teaching and Learning

Currently completing her teaching qualification, Anita has a background in Discrete Mathematics & Operations Research. She has a passion for learning and inspiring students to think practically about the application of STEM in the everyday world around them. Outside of work she enjoys building and racing JDM and Euro cars.  

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