At Quantum Victoria we believe that all children can excel in the STEM disciplines and our programs equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to function in the multi-disciplinary, high-tech industries of the 21st century.

Our blend of onsite, online and outreach programs embrace cutting edge, aspirational technologies with a particular focus on:

Games Technology
Virtual Reality and Simulated Experiences
3D Printing and Modelling
Robotics and Engineering

There are several ways to book - either by email or phone. Booking early is highly recommended to secure a place. Your booking confirms your agreement to our terms and conditions.

Note - A minimum of 15 students per program is required for the program to run. Maximum numbers vary depending on the program. Maximum numbers will be confirmed upon booking.

Venue Hire

Our Centre, located adjacent to La Trobe University, offers the perfect setting for boutique conferences, meetings, seminars and presentations by industry, education and government groups.

Design features of our state of the art facility include a 150 seat lecture hall, studio spaces, a games development suite, an exhibition space and technically rich laboratories that allow movement freely and seamlessly from one learning space to another.