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Students gain an understanding of the importance of invertebrates and other factors in an Australian ecosystem through the analysis of food webs.


This program introduces the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Redlist classifications (endangered, least concern, extinct). Students learn about an Endangered Victorian invertebrate (the Giant Gippsland Earthworm) and explore how research scientists collaborate through an extended investigation. Students develop their classification, problem-solving and analytical skills through a hands-on research investigation.

Outreach Module

This outreach explores food webs and the pressures placed on species through simulation activities and also drawing on real life examples. The module consists of a student workbook to be undertaken across three-days accompanied by a teacher resource book with solutions to problems.

This outreach module is designed to be delivered by the classroom teacher at school, it does not require an onsite visit.

To access this outreach, teachers will need to register their class via the following link and will receive the accompanying resources:

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1 day
  • Arrival: 9:45am
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