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During this program students will gain an understanding of biology through classification and the survival of living things.


Mexican jumping beans are seedpods that have been inhabited by the larva of a small moth (Cydia deshaisiana). During this program, students gain an understanding of the biology of the real 'Mexican jumping bean'. In addition, they have an opportunity to build their own toy jumping bean and observe its movement and then experiment with different characteristics.

This Program has an additional two-day outreach module to extend the teaching and learning, once you return back to your school. The outreach module consists of a student workbook and teacher resource book with solutions.

Outreach Module

Students explore the conditions needed to grow seeds through engaging activities that require them to think and work scientifically. The module consists of a student workbook to be undertaken across two-days accompanied by a teacher resource book with solutions to problems.

This outreach module is designed to be delivered by the classroom teacher at school, it does not require an onsite visit.

To access this outreach, teachers will need to register their class via the following link and will receive the accompanying resources:

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On-site Duration
1 day
  • Arrival: 9:45am
  • Finish: 2:15pm