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QV Bean Story

Learning Areas and Capabilities
Critical and Creative ThinkingMathematicsScience
Level 1Level 2
Students study the life cycles of plants and animals and the conditions needed for plants to grow. Students work scientifically to create and test their hypothesis through an immersive experience.

Student will explore the life cycles of animals (insects) and plants using the scientific method. They will develop and test their hypothesis using their observations and results to form a conclusion.

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On-Site at Quantum Victoria

Students study the life cycle of the Mexican jumping bean and create their own jumping bean and investigate and observe its movement and distance travelled as they work as scientists.

Students are immersed in a variety of activities that study biology related concepts, including photosynthesis and what plants to grow, using:

  • videos

  • hands on activities

  • lifecycle demonstrations

  • light and moisture sensors

An extension module complementing the onsite program is available for completion upon your return back to school. This module consists of a student workbook and teacher resource book with solutions.

On-Site at Quantum Victoria
We are located at 235 Kingsbury Drive, Macleod West Victoria
Student and Teacher resources are available
Resources can be downloaded from your Booking Page in the Teacher Portal
Arrival: 9:45am
Finish: 2:15pm
These are suggested times, and will be confirmed with you at the time of booking.

Asynchronous (Self Delivery)

Students will explore the conditions needed to grow seeds through engaging activities that require them to think and work scientifically.

Also included are extension activities that allow for differentiation and opportunities to explore other related concepts.

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Student and Teacher resources are available
Resources can be downloaded from your Booking Page in the Teacher Portal
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