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Quantum Forensic Investigation

Learning Areas and Capabilities
BiologyChemistryCritical and Creative ThinkingDigital TechnologiesScience
Level 9Level 10
Students are immersed in a Forensic Investigation and undertake the role of a forensic scientist and investigator by ultilising their skills in deductive reasoning, observation, data collection and analysis, as they solve a crime.

Students are immersed in different aspects associated with a crime scene and the role undertaken by a forensic investigator/detective as they solve a crime.

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On-Site at Quantum Victoria

Students will be immersed in the everyday life of a criminal investigator, through an inquiry-based scenario, as they are presented with a series of challenges that require them to collect, analyse and draw conclusions based on evidence collected throughout their investigation. Students will participate in lab testing experiments that simulate real world conditions for a forensic scientist, these include:

  • fingerprinting

  • blood* typing

  • soil pH testing

  • hair strand analysis under a microscope

  • shoe print comparison

  • virtual simulation DNA gel electrophoresis.¬†

*Blood used is synthetic.

An online module complementing the onsite program is available for your students to complete.

On-Site at Quantum Victoria
We are located at 235 Kingsbury Drive, Macleod West Victoria
Arrival: 9:45am
Finish: 2:15pm
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Online Portal

 Students will deepen their scientific understanding and knowledge of forensic investigations as they complete the following modules:

  • pH (Acid & Base)

  • Blood

  • DNA

Online Portal
Students can access the program via the Online Portal
4 hours
This is an estimate of the time required by students to complete the program. Progress is saved as students complete the program, and this does not need to be completed in one continuous block.
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