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Genius Armoury Cyber Security Modules

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Secondary students are invited to dive into the world of cybersecurity through Quantum Victoria/Genius Armoury modules!

Genius Armoury offers a range of courses to help introduce people to cyber security, exploring some of the fundamentals of coding, threats and exploits, networking and more. They are a great starting point for any student considering studying cyber security and/or computer science in higher education.

This program has been developed as part of the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series. It is free for Victorian government schools, funded by the Department of Education.

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Asynchronous (Self Delivery)

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for High Schoolers

The three modules target students in Year 7-10 (also open to VCE students) and includes two hours of video, plus exercises and knowledge check quizzes, so you should allow up to three hours to complete. Upon completion, and if you achieve a high enough score in the knowledge checks, you can download a completion certificate. Below is a brief overview of each module:

  • Module 1: Careers and roles; key cybersecurity principles and frameworks

  • Module 2: Cybercrime; threat actors; malware

  • Module 3: Security fundamentals: cryptography, networks, privacy

Essential 8

These materials and exercises provide a concise overview of the "Essential 8" strategies from the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). They aim to enhance protection for organisations against malware attacks and potential financial loss. Completing this module will equip you with an introductory theoretical understanding of proactive defence strategies against cyber threats. This curriculum is a simplified, non-technical adaptation of ASD's Essential 8 concepts to facilitate greater understanding by high school students.

Network Fundamentals: Understanding Cybersecurity Through the OSI & TCP/IP Models

In today's world, technology changes super-fast. With all these changes, there's a bigger risk of hackers breaking into our online stuff. As we all use the internet more, it's super important to know how to keep our online world safe. This course will teach you about the different parts of how the internet works, called the OSI model and the TCP/IP model. We will also show you where there might be weak spots hackers can use and how to protect against that. For each part, we'll talk about the risks of hacking and how to keep things safe. You'll read cool stuff and answer questions to make sure you get it.

Whether you just want to understand how the internet works or you're thinking about a job in online security, this course aimed at year 9-12s will break things down step by step.

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