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Derive of the Dead is a Quantum Victoria developed simulation of pathogen spread over time. The fictional pathogen causes humans to turn into zombies. Students will be able to change many variables to form their own zombie mythology within the simulator.

Students work with the simulator to produce a population of deadly Zombies that spread through a Human colony wreaking destruction wherever they go. Students manipulate parameters such as;

  • Turning Time
  • Immunity Chance
  • Attack Delay
  • Dodge Chance

in order to create the deadliest Zombie population possible.

Key knowledge and concepts from VCE Mathematical Methods Units 1&2 include;

  • Linear graphs and modelling
  • Function modelling
    Bivariate data
  • Regression analysis
  • Average and Instantaneous Rates of Change
  • Data generation and manipulation

This program provides teachers with an insight into how ICT, experiential learning and games based learning can be used to provide an environment in which students take on identity, develop agency and engage in inquiry-based learning in Mathematics.

*Teachers will need to fill in the Quantum Victoria proforma to access this Outreach/Extension activity.

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1 day (4 hours 30 mins / day)
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