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3D Modelling and Design using Fusion 360

Learning Areas and Capabilities
Critical and Creative ThinkingDesign and TechnologiesDesign ThinkingDigital TechnologiesMathematicsScience
Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10
3D Modelling
Students will engage with the QV Design Thinking Framework and use 3D modelling software to design and create an object.

Students will utilise their problem-solving skills and acquired knowledge of 3D modelling and design, through the use of Fusion 360, as they work towards solving a real-world problem.

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3D Modelling and Design using Fusion 360 is available through the following program types. Select a program type to view more information.

On-Site at Quantum Victoria

During this program, students apply Design Thinking as they design, create and manufacture an object using the 3D modelling software, Fusion 360, and a 3D printer, allowing students to experience 3D printing their own model.

Student skill development includes:

  • Learning through observation

  • Resilience through productive failure

  • Mathematics

  • Problem solving and troubleshooting

  • Design Thinking

  • Engineering

  • Communication

  • Digital fluency

On-Site at Quantum Victoria
We are located at 235 Kingsbury Drive, Macleod West Victoria
Arrival: 9:45am
Finish: 2:15pm
These are suggested times, and will be confirmed with you at the time of booking.

Online Portal

This online portal module provides students with an opportunity to review the skills they developed during the experience and explore ways of designing 3D models with greater efficiency. 

Video demonstrations and step by step instructions are provided to support and extend students. 

Using their acquired knowledge and skills, students will revisit Fusion 360 and associated information such as:

  • Tips/Shortcuts

  • Print Considerations

  • Following a Design Brief

Online Portal
Students can access the program via the Online Portal
18 hours
This is an estimate of the time required by students to complete the program. Progress is saved as students complete the program, and this does not need to be completed in one continuous block.
Teacher resources are available
Resources can be downloaded from your Booking Page in the Teacher Portal

Synchronous (with Quantum Victoria)

The two Synchronous sessions (delivered sequentially) provide students with a basic understanding of Fusion 360 allowing the students to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills to a range of challenges designed to extend their learning

We acknowledge that Secondary Schools operate within a timetable and can offer a range of times to accommodate this.

Synchronous (Real Time) Component - The lessons are designed to be delivered in 60 minute sessions. This can be varied to align with school timetables.

Real-time online
Delivered by Quantum Victoria teachers
2 x 1 hour
Booking enquiry for 3D Modelling and Design using Fusion 360
This could be a specific date, a term, a month - we will discuss availabilities with you to find a time that works for you.

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