Quantum Victoria's 3D Modelling & Design Tinkercad Outreach is available and FREE to Rural DET Primary Schools.

This outreach incorporates blended learning with two Synchronous (real time) lessons delivered via the WebEx Training Platform and the Asynchronous (location independent learning) module delivered via the Quantum Victoria Online Portal.

Two 60-minute (delivered sequentially) Synchronous lessons provide students with a basic understanding of TinkerCAD allowing the students to apply the newly acquired skills to a range of challenges designed to extend their learning. These sessions are then complemented by an online portal module that supports and extends student learning as each student completes the provided design brief.

The design that students create is then 3D printed by Quantum Victoria and mailed to the school.

Below is the structure for the delivery:



Session Times

Lesson 1 - Beginners (WebEx)

Student activity 1 - Overview of program and design process (5 mins)

Student activity 2 - Learning basic TinkerCAD software skills (45 mins)

10:00am - 11:00am (60 min)

Lesson 2 - Accomplished (WebEx)

Student activity 1 - Reinforce and extend basic skills (30 minutes)

Student activity 2 - Learning more advanced TinkerCAD software skills (20 minutes)

1:00pm - 2:00pm (60 min)

Online Portal Module

- TinkerCAD Recap (videos, screenshots Qs)

- Tips and Shortcuts

- Being Precise

- Print Considerations

- Design Brief

- Scaling Activity

- Post Print

Asynchronous (Self Delivery)

It is recommended that both lesson 1 and 2 are undertaken on the same day.

To register your interest please complete the Online Form.

If you have any queries please contact admin@quantumvictoria.vic.edu.au