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We live in a world where personal and confidential data can potentially be accessed by anyone.

Raising an awareness of the importance of mitigating risks associated with the management of data to students, teachers and the wider community, is imperative.

Quantum Victoria leads the development of Cyber Security programs for students and teachers both nationally and internationally*.

Quantum Cyber Investigation - QCI, allows students in years 7-10 to explore the key concepts of cyber security and apply that understanding to several cyber-crime investigations.

In the first scenario, students assume the role of a cyber security officer as they conduct an investigation to determine who is stealing data from the newly established social media start up, QuickVox.

Students use this information to build a profile on the QuickVox employees under investigation, to determine which employee has compromised their data.

In the second scenario, students assume the role of a cyber security expert as they investigate and follow the trail of the person responsible for credit card fraud.

Each investigation builds student skill set in; lateral and critical thinking, deduction, pattern recognition, data analysis and problem solving, essential skills for the 21st Century workplace.

Quantum Cyber Investigation - QCI

  • Creates an awareness amongst students of the potential risks associated with their online activities.
  • Generates interest with students about opportunities in the cyber security landscape.
  • Engages students in real-life Cyber Security Scenarios.
  • Equips students with the skills needed to be active participants in the cyber workforce.
  • Raises an awareness of the importance of cyber security education.
  • Inspires enthusiasm about career opportunities in STEM-related areas with all students.

*Soula Bennett, Director of Quantum Victoria, said: "It's important to raise an awareness of the potential risks associated with disclosing personal information online" and added the Quantum Victoria cybersecurity programs have been customized "to incorporate everyday scenarios and situations that children can identify with and relate to so that they are able to recognize and mitigate the potential risks when confronted with these in real life."

Article from Wall St Journal - Cyber Matters: Training the Next Generation of Security Experts Published on June 1 2017 By Rob Sloan, cybersecurity research director, WSJ Pro

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