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Students discover the exciting world of Minecraft by exploring key concepts as they develop their skills through a series of challenges.


Quantum Victoria's Minecraft program immerses students in the development of digital technology skills, exploring their creativity and developing online social skills using a safe and secure virtual world.

Students learn how to navigate through the Minecraft world and practice sustainable thinking through the 'Thoughtful use of Resources'. They hone their Minecraft (Converting 2D Designs into 3D Landscapes) and teamwork skills as they collaborate in teams of four creating and constructing their designs. Students apply the skills and knowledge acquired as they try to survive a world with limited resources and how this and a lack of sustainability can affect the world at large.

This extensive program is designed to support students in developing digital literacy skills in a peer-negotiated way.

This Program also has an additional two-day outreach module to extend the teaching and learning, once you return back to your school. The outreach module consists of a student workbook and teacher resource book with solutions.

Outreach Module

Students gain an understanding of perimeter, volume and scaling using examples from the world of Minecraft. The module consists of a student workbook to be undertaken across two-days accompanied by a teacher resource book with solutions to problems.

This outreach module is designed to be delivered by the classroom teacher at school, it does not require an onsite visit.

To access this outreach, teachers will need to register their class via the following link and will receive the accompanying resources:

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On-site Duration
1 day
  • Arrival: 9:45am
  • Finish: 2:15pm