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Students discover the world of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials and their use in commercial and biomedical applications.

Onsite at Quantum

Students investigate the properties of nanoparticles, hydrophobic interactions, and the Shape Memory Alloy Nitinol.

Shape Memory Alloys are metals that can be pre-programmed to return to a specific shape if it reaches an activation temperature. When cool, they are malleable and can be shaped like a typical metal.

Students utilise scientific methodology through a series of experiments and demonstrations and become familiar with the properties and uses of Nitinol in real-world scenarios.

Students investigate the properties of Nanomaterials and Nanofluids and interrogate their fundamental principles via experimentation and through an activity using the Amazing Race format.

Students synthesise their own nanoparticles and test the properties of hydrophobic materials and the Shape Memory Alloy Nitinol. Students will utilise the scientific method as they undertake an extended investigation of Nitinol.

Online Outreach Module

This online module complements the topics covered during the onsite program and can also be offered in its own right. 

The module is comprised of four chapters and is accompanied by an activity workbook for students to use.

The four chapters are:

  • Nanoparticles
  • Hydrophobic Materials
  • Shape Memory Alloys
  • Nitinol

Download Outreach Summary

This outreach module is designed to be delivered by the classroom teacher at school, it does not require an onsite visit.

To access this outreach, teachers will need to register their class via the following link to receive the accompanying resources:

For onsite availability please check our calendar

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