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Students are introduced to the world of programming through a series of challenge-based activities. Students engage in 21st Century skills and in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as they programme and design their robots to complete challenges of varying complexity.

Onsite at Quantum

Students utilise problem-solving and team-working skills as they explore programming and engineering through design and construction when performing specific tasks using motors and sensors with the Lego Robots. Students use the acquired knowledge to then complete a set of challenges ranging in complexity.

Students engage in hands-on STEM education as they experiment with speed, distance and measurement, whilst developing critical and creative thinking skills and the ability to predict and draw conclusions.

This Program has an outreach module which extends the teaching and learning, once you return back to your school. The outreach module consists of a student workbook and teacher resource book with solutions.

Asynchronous Outreach Module

Students engage in algorithmic programming activities through a puzzle-style web-based program. The module consists of a student workbook and a teacher resource book with solutions to problems.

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This outreach module is designed to be delivered by the classroom teacher at school, it does not require an onsite visit.

To access this outreach, teachers will need to register their class via the following link and will receive the accompanying resources:

For onsite availability please check our calendar

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  • Arrival: 9:45am
  • Finish: 2:15pm