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Synchronous 3D Modelling and Design Secondary Lessons - Level 1 Beginner and Level 2 - Accomplished

Lessons will use the QV Design Thinking Framework as students develop skills in the use of the 3D design tool - TinkerCAD.

The Lessons will be delivered across Week 4 to Week 8 (4th May to 5th June) Term 2.

Lesson 1 - Beginner (10am - 10.50am) & Lesson 2 - Accomplished (1pm - 1.50pm)

It is recommended that both lessons be taken in the one day.

Lessons will be delivered online, in real time (synchronous) using the WebEx Meetings platform and will also use the online web based TinkerCAD 3D design software.

There is a cap of one class per lesson, with two Quantum Victoria teachers delivering each lesson to ensure that the needs of the students are adequately met and to support the achievement of the best possible outcomes for the students.

Lesson 1 (Level 1 Beginner)

Student activity 1 - Overview of program and design process (5 minutes)
Student activity 2 - Learning basic TinkerCAD software skills (45 minutes)

Lesson 2 (Level 2 Accomplished)

Student activity 1 - Reinforce and extend basic skills (30 minutes)
Student activity 2 - Learning more advanced TinkerCAD software skills (20 minutes)
Extension Activity post Lesson 2 - Completion of a design challenge using TinkerCAD skills (50 minutes)

To register your class for Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 and for any questions please contact us at: admin@quantumvictoria.vic.edu.au

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