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We live in a world where personal and confidential data can potentially be accessed by anyone.

Raising an awareness of the importance of mitigating risks associated with the management of data to students, teachers and the wider community, is imperative.

Quantum Victoria leads the development of Cyber Security programs for students and teachers both nationally and internationally*.

Cyber Security Middle Years: 5-8 - FREE PROGRAM for Government Schools

Students are introduced to key concepts and skills associated with Cyber Security as they follow the Cyber Adventures of Aliya and Dimitri!

*Soula Bennett, Director of Quantum Victoria, said:"It's important to raise an awareness of the potential risks associated with disclosing personal information online" and added the Quantum Victoria cybersecurity programs have been customized "to incorporate everyday scenarios and situations that children can identify with and relate to so that they are able to recognize and mitigate the potential risks when confronted with these in real life."

Article from Wall St Journal - Cyber Matters: Training the Next Generation of Security Experts Published on June 1 2017 By Rob Sloan, cybersecurity research director, WSJ Pro

This FREE interactive Course equips students with strategies and builds their awareness of Cyber Security issues when engaging in an online environment. The strategies are explored through the online games of each Chapter.

Chapter 1: Seriously Social - What happens to your content once it's published? 

Chapter 2: Who's Who? - People may not be who they say they are.

Chapter 3: Pesky Passwords - Importance of using strong passwords.

The Online Course is supported by the extensive Teacher Resource Pack which complements each Chapter with hands-on activities that teachers can use in their classrooms to further develop the knowledge and skills of their students.

To access this program, teachers will need to register their initial interest at the following link for login details:

Once you have registered your interest you will receive: 

  • Teacher Resource Handbook 
  • Link to Introduction Video 
  • Portal Sign up instructions 

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