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Physics Unit 1 AOS 2 How do electric circuits work? Revision Course

This revision course incorporates interactive activities including simulations, videos and apps. There is a pre-test at the start and a post-test at the end so students can get feedback on the topics that need more work. There is also a range of statistics for teachers to track how their class is going.

This revision closely follows the study design with each dot point being a learning intention of the page. Questions at the end of the page check the learning intention has been meet and needs to be answered correctly before the next page can be accessed.

In this course students look at the question "How do electric circuits work?" in four main chapters.

  • Concepts used to model electricity
  • Circuit electricity
  • Using electricity
  • Electrical safety

On completion of this unit the student should be able to investigate and apply a basic DC circuit model to simple battery-operated devices and household electrical systems, apply mathematical models to analyse circuits, and describe the safe and effective use of electricity by individuals and the community.

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