Year 10 Quantum Victoria Marvel AVENGERS Experience!

Quantum Victoria in partnership with Marvel, offers Year 10 students an opportunity to explore the super human qualities of the AVENGER 'Super Heroes'; Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Hawk Eye.

Students will rotate through the following 3 workshops;

  1. BioEngineering; students will investigate the genetics behind the super human characteristics of the Hulk and Captain America and decide which 'allele' would create the 'best' augmented human. Students will learn about genetic engineering using the latest cutting edge CRISPR Cas9 gene manipulation technology.
  2. Suit Up; students investigate the qualities of Iron Man's suit that transform Tony Stark from a mere mortal to a super human being! Students will investigate the energy that moving objects possess before experimenting with a variety of materials to investigate how they disperse energy from a collision. Students will produce an armour prototype that will be put to the ultimate test!
  3. Aim High; Students will investigate projectile motion through a series of investigations, including; plotting the range of the projectile vs the angle fired. Students will use the knowledge acquired to test their super hero prowess in their quest to emulate Hawk Eye's precision! 
  4. STEM Garden: Super Hero Adventure! Students create their own 'Super Hero' as they navigate their way through QR Codes positioned in the Quantum Victoria STEM Garden!

Students and accompanying teachers can continue the experience with FREE entry (usually $19) to the Marvel AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N Immersive Experience at Fed Square!

This is a limited opportunity.

Please contact us at: to register your class. 

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Friday 23rd March 2018
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Quantum Victoria, Macleod West
Past Event