'An Elemental Journey through the Periodic Table'I

'An Elemental Journey through the Periodic Table' - is a narrative of the birth of the universe through the creation of the elements.

2019 commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the creation of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements by Dimitri Mendeleev and it has also been proclaimed as the 'International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements' by the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO. 2019 also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

'An Elemental Journey through the Periodic Table' is an opportunity for Victorian students and teachers to connect with one of science's most significant accomplishments as seen through an artistic lens. The 51 hexagons, are an illustration of events and the formation of subsequent elements commencing with the 'Big Bang' - the birth of the observable universe itself - the moment something changed, kick-starting the events that led to today and including the explosion of a star that has reached the end of its life, otherwise known as a Supernova. The elements were chosen because they are known to students through the many hands on experiments and investigations occurring in science classrooms in our schools as well as including celebrated scientists such as Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and Dimitri Mendeleev.

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Thursday 18th July 2019
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