Quantum Victoria is offering FREE VCE Outreach Modules to ALL Victorian Schools in Response to COVID-19

The Quantum Victoria team is committed to supporting the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Victorian schools during this challenging time by offering FREE VCE Outreach modules designed to support Learning from Home.

The suite of VCE Outreach Modules align with the corresponding VCAA Study Design, complement classroom teaching approaches and reinforce concepts and ideas through examples, simulations and questions.

The following VCE Outreach Modules are currently available FREE to ALL Victorian Schools:


The Art of Chemistry Unit 2 - AOS 1 & 2 Module

Biology Unit 3 AOS 1: 6 Separate Modules offered individually - Plasma Membranes, Nucleic Acids and Proteins, Gene Structure and Regulation, Structure and Regulation of Biochemical Pathways, Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Biology Unit 3 AOS 2: 3 Separate Modules offered individually - Cellular Signals, Responding to Antigens and Immunity

Physics Unit 3 AOS 1 How do things move without contact? 3 Separate Modules offered individually - Fields and Interactions, Effects of Fields and Application of field concepts

Physics Unit 3 AOS 2 How are fields used to move electrical energy? 2 Separate Modules offered individually - Generation of Electricity and Transmission of Electricity

Physics Unit 3 AOS 3 How fast can things go? 4 Separate Modules offered individually - Newton's Laws of Motion, Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity and Relationships between force, energy and mass

Further Mathematics Unit 3 Data Analysis: 5 Separate Online Chapters offered individually - CAS and Data Analysis, Investigating Data Distributions, Investigating Associations between two variables, Investigating and Modelling Linear Associations and Time Series

Further Mathematics Unit 3 AOS 1 Recursion and Financial Modelling: 4 Separate Online Chapters offered individually - Recursion, Financial Modelling and Depreciation, Compound Interest Investments and Loans, Reducing Balance Loans and Annuities and Perpetuities

For bookings and all enquiries please contact us at: admin@quantumvictoria.vic.edu.au

Soula Bennett, Director

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