Year 8, 9 and 10 Students from Metropolitan and Rural Government Schools will engage in workshops that showcase Engineering in the 21st Century!

Students will rotate through three of following workshops throughout the day:

  1. Robots Rule - Explore the world of robotics - Robots are radically changing the world we know. Students will learn about the advances in robotics and have the opportunity to explore various robotic systems designed by La Trobe University students/staff.

  2. Improving Vehicle Safety - The automotive industry has significantly increased the number of safety features in vehicles. One of the most important features of vehicles for safety is the crumple zones which surround it. They are able to effectively decrease the forces which act on the human body upon impact. Students will design and construct a 'crumple zone'.

  3. Create your own app - The next killer tablet or iPhone App is just around the corner, and who knows, it could be yours! Do you know just what developers need to think about when they start building new Apps? Students will learn the design principles involved in app creation and using our tools to create their own prototype for a new App.

  4. It's a small world with BIG possibilities - The world is intricately connected, so how do you fit in? In this workshop, we will take you behind the scenes to discover how major companies deliver large scale network infrastructure.


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Friday 23rd November 2018
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Quantum Victoria, Macleod West
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