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QV Cyber Security Educational Escape Room Experience

9:45am Monday 5th to 2:15pm Friday 9th September 2022
At Quantum Victoria
We are located at 235 Kingsbury Drive, Macleod West Victoria
Past event
The QV Cyber Educational Escape Room Experience is one of 11 FREE Expanding Horizons State-Wide Student Experiences

Educational Escape Rooms are on the cutting edge of engaging, team-oriented, game-based learning. 

Cretaceous Cove, the home of prehistoric flora and fauna, located at the Quantum Victoria Wildlife Reserve, has experienced breaches in security, communication and access control. Gates are stuck open, allowing the residents of this park to move beyond their confined enclosures creating an atmosphere of chaos! All communication to the mainland has been cut off! 

Students take on the role of Cyber Security Experts as they work in teams to complete challenges and find solutions to restore the compromised systems and ensure the safety of staff, visitors and residents of the Park!


  • Who: For Year 7-10 Students

  • When: daily at 9:45am to 2:15pm, Monday 5th to Friday 9th September

  • Where: Quantum Victoria, 235 Kingsbury Drive Macleod West 3085