2021 Onsite, Synchronous and Asynchronous Programs 

 P-6 , 7-10 and VCE

Quantum Victoria Operations Guide For Visiting Schools 

Quantum Victoria enforces the Victorian Government Schools Operation Guide and will adhere to following for Term 1:

  • Access will be limited to one school per day.
  • Strict use of face masks as per current requirements (12 years and above).
  • Mixing of cohorts within a school will be minimised.
  • Use of shared equipment will be minimised where possible and cleaned between users.
  • physical distancing will be maintained whenever possible.
  • hand hygiene before, during and after engagement will be adhered.
  • learning spaces will be cleaned between programs using ethanol.
  • Attendance register will be maintained in case contact tracing is required.

Onsite Programs

Metro Disadvantaged and Rural Government students are fully subsidised for onsite programs. Rural Government schools also receive transport assistance to attend Quantum Victoria. One school per day restrictions will be in place during Term 1 onsite delivery, with a maximum of 2 programs per day. This will be reviewed in line with the Victorian Government Schools Operation Guide for COVID-19 restrictions/requirements.

Selected P-67-10 and VCE onsite programs have additional asynchronous outreach modules to extend the teaching and learning once back at School.

Online Portal 

Quantum Victoria's online portal is available now to provide Schools with modules across P-12. The portal supports students from 3-6, 7-10 and VCE.

Asynchronous Outreach 

This location independent learning incorporates a Student Workbooks are accompanied by Teacher Resources, Teachers are able to deliver the outreach in the own classroom at a time that is convenient to them. 

Synchronous Outreach 

Quantum Victoria's Synchronous Lessons (real time learning) integrate virtual platforms to deliver programs in real-time. Students are immersed in 21st century learning, drawing on lateral thinking skills, problem solving and creative and critical thinking. Year 5-6 and 7-10 Synchronous lessons are fully subsidised for Victorian Rural Government Schools.