The Centre engaged with students and teachers from across Victoria delivering our core programs as well as realising the following initiatives:

  • The development of the QV Online Portal and redevelopment of the Quantum Victoria website - which will provide a scalable outreach model, delivering asynchronous Courses for students and teachers.
  • Development of a suite of Cyber Security Programs - Online interactive Primary Program; 'The Cyber Adventures of Aliya and Dimitri', Secondary Program; 'Quantum Cyber Investigation' - QCI and State wide Senior Secondary; Cyber Games Challenge in partnership with La Trobe University, Cisco and Optus.
  • Focus Group of experts to inform current practice and recommend future direction.
  • Commencement of the construction of the Interactive QV STEM Garden - A celebration of the Human Endeavour of STEM and the big ideas and concepts that have shaped and influenced our thinking. Seating defined by Einstein's iconic equation; E=mc2, scientific and mathematical concepts defined by screens, panels and 24 QR Codes depicting a letter from the Greek Alphabet.
  • Five 'Women In STEM - STEM Capabilities for the 21st Century' State wide Events - Showcasing prominent women as role models for all students from different STEM disciplines.

For full details, download the Quantum Victoria 2017 Annual Report.