2020 overview
85,745 students from 357 schools across Victoria, engaged in Quantum Victoria programs throughout 2020. This is an outstanding result when compared to the 2019 value of 15,970. 

2020 Initiatives included:

  • Development of the 4-year QV Data Strategic Plan (DSP).

  • Initial development of the QV Data Literacy Cycle.

  • Development of the Pre and Post Quiz Auditing tool to evaluate and modify existing quiz questions and to construct new questions aligned to the onsite program focus areas and the associated Victorian Curriculum or VCAA Study Design links.

  • Internal professional learning on the construction of diagnostic and multiple-choice questions for pre and post quizzes for the onsite programs.

  • Commence scoping of the upgrade of the QV website and the QV Portal to reflect the additional modes of program delivery and to incorporate the booking system, pre and post quizzes and exit and follow up surveys.

  • Development of the Quantum Program Framework (QPF) template, for consistent documentation of all QV onsite programs, aligned to the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO).

  • Planning and scoping of the Synchronous Learning Space; upgrading the existing QV Boardroom and adjacent teaching and learning space, to enable the delivery of hybrid teaching models.

  • Peer Observation to inform practice in the delivery of synchronous and onsite programs using the Quantum Education Practice (QEP) Reflective tool.

2020 was the Centre's most successful year in terms of student participation. We will take our learning and continue to explore and implement innovative approaches and practices to the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Soula Bennett
Director, Quantum Victoria

For full details, download the Quantum Victoria 2020 Annual Report.

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