15,970 Victorian P-12 students engaged in the Centre's onsite and outreach programs, which is the largest student participation to date. The 2019 outreach figure has for the first time since the Centre's 7 years of operation, surpassed the onsite value.

2019 Highlights

  • QV Portal: Further development of bespoke portal and VCE courses with associated data capture.
  • Collaboration with artist Damon Kowarsky and launch of the permanent Art installation in the Centre Gallery space - 'An Elemental Journey through the Periodic Table', a narrative of the creation of the elements after the 'Big Bang' and a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

  • Launch of the QV STEM Garden, an immersive external space that celebrates the human endeavour of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through 4 STEM screens forming a backdrop, 30 individual panels forming the sheltered area, 24 QR Codes depicting the Greek alphabet, seating in the form Einstein's iconic equation E=mc2 surrounded by native plants and trees. 

  • AIPs Tall Poppy Event: Statewide Event where students engage with young researchers who have been recognized for their outstanding achievement in their area of expertise through onsite workshops.
  • 6th Annual PrintACar Challenge: Open to all Victorian Primary and Secondary students.
  • Implementing an indigenous perspective to Quantum Victoria's Minecraft program.

  • Primary/Secondary Student Statewide App Creation Workshop.

  • Teacher Professional Learning: Virtual STEM Academy - STEM PBL and Deep Learning in Mathematics through Algorithmic Thinking.

For full details, download the Quantum Victoria 2019 Annual Report.