About Us

Who Are We?

An innovative centre bringing science and mathematics education to life for students, teachers and the wider community.

Quantum Victoria is one of six Specialist Science and Mathematics Centres established by the Victorian Department of Education and Training, is embedded within Charles La Trobe P-12 College and has positioned itself as a leader of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education both within Australia and internationally.

Quantum Victoria builds the capacity of both students and teachers in science and mathematics education across Victoria and beyond through:

  • Increasing students’ interest, participation and engagement in science and mathematics and encouraging more students to pursue careers in the STEM disciplines.
  • Expanding the knowledge base of teachers and building teacher capacity to engage students through our innovative programs underpinned by the latest research and pedagogy.

Programs embrace cutting edge, aspirational technologies and contemporary pedagogies with a particular focus on:

  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Game-based Learning
  • 3D Printing and Modelling
  • Coding and Arduinos
  • Gesture-Based Computing
  • Robotics and Engineering
  • Virtual Reality and Simulated Experiences
  • Scenario-based Challenges

Thus providing students with access to tomorrow's technology today and enhancing the skills and knowledge needed to function in a multi-disciplinary 21st Century environment.

All programs are aligned to the Australian Curriculum, the Victorian Curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority's VCE Study Designs and are fully differentiated to meet a variety of student abilities.

Quantum Victoria believes that new, innovative forms of teacher professional learning are the cornerstone of building teacher capacity in the 21st century. To excite the next generation of STEM students, Quantum Victoria offers educators from all sectors a unique opportunity to re-envision their curriculum in ways that are relevant to today's learner, through workshops and conferences that are underpinned by robust contemporary pedagogy.

Quantum Victoria Professional learning opportunities include:

  • Best Practice Workshops incorporating contemporary STEM Pedagogy
  • 3D Printing Professional Learning Experiences
  • Immersive quest-based experiences within game worlds
  • Programing, Coding and Digital Technologies
  • State wide Conferences

Our Name: Quantum Victoria

In physics, a quantum is the minimum unit of any physical entity. Aligned with this is the fundamental notion that physical property may be given a discrete value or "quantized". This can also be described as identifying and clarifying a dynamic interaction - a very apt description of the aims of Quantum Victoria, as it sets out to help identify and clarify the exciting world of STEM.

The word comes from the Latin "quantus" meaning "how much" as well as speaking of enquiry and of seeking. And this too lies at the heart of Quantum Victoria, as it nurtures and facilitates the development of knowledge and innovation in the disciplines of STEM.

"Victoria" indicates our location, our status as a statewide leader in STEM education throughout the educational community of Victoria and beyond.

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The building is a model of innovative energy-efficient design and material use, and its purpose is to be used as a resource for teaching and learning within the programs developed at the Centre.

Quantum Victoria is state-of-the-art facilitiy which incorporates flexible learning spaces that facilitate and encourage inter- disciplinary learning allowing students and teachers to move freely and seamlessly from one learning space to another.

Design features include a 140 seat Theatre for teaching, public lectures and symposia, with retractable seating providing multiple uses of the space, studio spaces supporting project and scenario based learning, a games development suite and break out space supporting our inquiry-based learning and well-resourced laboratories allowing for scientifically rich investigations.

The Gallery provides an exhibition space within the Centre and further enhances Quantum Victoria’s capacity to deliver state wide initiatives through its partners and the broader community.